Pee on All Of The Things!!!

Needless to say I’ve been having me a little peestick party. Here is the first response from yesterday and today.

<<<<< this side is today

And of course that beautiful clearblue from yesterday


People keep asking me what has been different this month. The answer is nothing. I have had cramps, spots and sore boobs, which is all completely normal for me before a period. As I said in my blog. The other day, I really thought my period was coming yesterday. As of now, she is still missing and I’m officially one day late.

Enjoying my first Starbucks as a mummy to be. For reference, it’s a decaf peppermint latte


Amy is 2dpo, so we need to wait about another twelve days to see if her period shows up. Who knows, we might end up with two little miracles!

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