Missing – One Period

Today I was supposed to get my period. Nine times out of ten it shows up straight away on the morning of ten days post ovulation. This morning… No period. So, me settled in thinking maybe it would come later in the day, as it ALWAYS ALWAYS comes on ten days past ovulation.

It is 17:45PM. No period.

I tested and this little beauty showed up… (I’ve added dots to either end of what I see for folk who don’t know what they are looking for)



I’m hoping that tiny pink line could be the start of our forever baby. Drop me a comment if you see it too. I’m probably going to do a better quality test in the morning, so of course will let you all know…

A Line is A Line right?

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2 Responses to Missing – One Period

  1. chickletsmums says:

    A line is a line!! Eeeeee exciting!!

  2. miku says:

    I see it, I see it!!!!!

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