We Have Liftoff! – Part Two!

This morning I was awoken to Amy shouting “it’s Today! It’s Today!” From the bathroom. It is cycle day 31 for her and no positive opk up to now, but I went into the bathroom to be greeted by this beauty..


I texted superhero donor and he is coming round this evening. This process is so much easier since we have found a reliable donor. I appreciate what he does so much and I have full faith in him that he will help until we have our baby in our arms.

I am 8 days past ovulation at the moment. With my normal luteal phase my period should be due in two days time. I’m not particularly hopeful, but in all honesty it’s not bothering me. I’m not heartbroken when each cycle fails as I was before. Each fresh cycle is a new chance to make our forever baby. I think having a good donor is helping out very much, as is the fact that both of us are trying. It just takes off a lot of the pressure. Plus I know that if it doesn’t work for me this month, I have my fertility dr appointment on Tuesday.

Anyhow stick with us. Our house is going to be a crazy place over the next few days!

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  1. chickletsmums says:

    Good luck!!!

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