6dpo – Vitamin D Disaster!

So I’m six days post ovulation today. “Symptoms” are being tired, sore boobs and cramps in lower tummy. Also had a little bit of spotting yesterday. I’m not temping this month so I’m not sure what my temps are doing. All in all, this cycle has been a much more relaxed one.

I had blood drawn has week as I have previously had very low vitamin D. Yesterday I got the results.


As you can see by my results versus the thresholds, my vitamin d is pretty damn low! I already take a vitamin d supplement, so I’m hoping that when I go to the dr on Tuesday that he will give me a high dose supplement to get my levels back up. Apparently about 80% of people with fertility problems also have low vitamin D, so I’m hoping to get that sorted ASAP.

The appointment I have on Tuesday is with the fertility dr. I think he may laugh at me because of the demands I have…
I would like metformin again as the PCOS type symptoms are back. If he wants me to redo bloods I will redo bloods but the symptoms themselves should diagnose it.
I would like clomid. Basically July-ish 2012 was the last time I saw him. He said I would be in metformin for three months and if no pregnancy after that he would add clomid to the mix. I figure I had been on it three months without a pregnancy as we didn’t stop trying until November, and then obviously I am on to cycle four at the moment.maybe he will go straight to clomid.
I’m also hoping he will refer me for a scan to see what this left sided pain is that tends to show up during the tww and for about a week after AF shows up. I would also like a HSG ideally before clomid as we only get 6 cycles here and there is no point giving me clomid if my tubes are blocked.
It makes me feel like I’m one of those demanding patients, but I always feel in the UK that if you don’t take control of your healthcare, you won’t get what you need.

In another news, cycle day twenty nine for Amy and her OPK is looking like this…

Fingers crossed it is going to go positive (both lines have to be equal) soon!

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