Let The Two Week Wait Begin!

All the OPKs I have done today have still been positive, so we arranged a donation for this evening. Amy was at work, so I was left managing the dogs. That’s all fine, except for Gizmo has a massive case of little dog syndrome, so he likes to make himself heard. Luckily Superhero Donor is a dog lover, so everyone gets on fine. Here’s the OPKs from today – the top one being the most recent.

The donation is all done, so I guess that is me on my two week wait! I’m going to keep doing OPKs for now, just to check that this isn’t a false surge. If I get another strong surge later on I may request another donation from Superhero Donor, but with him donating to Amy as well he pretty much has his work cut out… Haha!
Fingers crossed this leads to a positive pregnancy test! I’m not taking temps this month so I’m not going to be obsessing over my chart, I won’t even be confirming ovulation. This is as close to not trying, not preventing as I will get.
In other news, all the excitement has worn out Gizmo…

Amy should be ovulating some time next week!

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