Waiting… And PCOS?

Waiting to ovulate is INCREDIBLY boring. I mean, like, seriously. BORING. Most ladies are most of the way through their two week wait before my body decides to ovulate. Amy seems to be much the same.

On that note, I’ve had a fair bit of spotting lately, and I was wondering what the problem could be, I had previously been given a PCOS diagnosis in 2012, but after retesting was undiagnosed. Nowadays, I’m not so sure, though.

I got myself into having a look online at signs and symptoms of PCOS. They say that even with fairly normal hormones and no cysts, they can diagnose you with PCOS if a majority of symptoms are present and other causes have been ruled out.

Here’s the list I used from the Internet. I have putt he symptoms that apply to me in bold.


Eleven out of Fifteen is pretty conclusive! Therefore I booked a dr appointment but they didn’t have anything until the third of June, so fingers crossed the doc will pop me straight back on metformin. I will be asking him to consider upping the dose as last time my cycles were getting longer and longer whilst on the metformin.

I’ll let you all know what the outcome is, but I think it’s fairly likely that it will be PCOS. But that’s ok. Last time the dr diagnosed it, he was going to leave me on metformin for three months, then move forward with clomid and a HSG and then move on to IVF, so at least there will be a plan.

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  1. I’m not sure if your dr has told you, but spotting when you have PCOS between menstrual cycles usually means that you are ovulating…but i hear you on the PCOS thing..it blows!

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