Fun With Dates

Having some fun. This is all part of my positive thinking. Having a baby is going to happen for us at some point, so I’m going to do this every cycle!

If we get caught this month this is the date that our baby/babies would be due.

Amy would be Due – 4th Feb 2015 – Starsign: Aquarius – Chinese gender predictor predicts a Girl! – Eden Violet

Laura would be Due – 7th Feb 2015 – Starsign: Aquarius – Chinese Gender Predictor Predicts a Boy – Taylor Steven

I’m a February baby. Did you know that February is the month of the year that traditionally has the least births?

Birthstone: Amethyst – Amethyst is associated with spirituality, wisdom, sobriety, and security.

Birth flower: Violet (which was my mum’s name…)

All very interesting. Here’s hoping this prediction will come true.

In other news, all of the periods are out of the building and we will be doing ovulation tests soon enough. We both ovulate fairly late, though, so it could still be a bit of a wait from here.

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2 Responses to Fun With Dates

  1. jenfarrowJen says:

    Oh I find this fascinating! I think mine will be 3rd Feb if I catch this month! 😀 Is February the lowest month because it’s missing 2/3 days compared to other months?

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