Let’s Talk About Babies…

If you’re following this blog, you know that our aim is a baby, as in one of these little munchkins (our goddaughter, Ellie)

But what about the babies we already have at home? I figured I would spend some time this morning talking about our fur babies. They are a huge part of our life and have got us through some pretty awful times. Here they are…

The sitting down border collie is Misty, and the laying down Jack Russell is Gizmo.
We got Gizmo back in 2007. Apparently he was a failed rat hunting dog and the runt of his litter. When we got him he was very very tiny – could sit on the palm of my hand, I don’t doubt that maybe he came from slightly dodgy circumstance as, naive as we were at the time, we never saw him with his mother or similar,
We adopted Gizmo in December 2007, and my mother had passed away suddenly in April 2007. As you can no doubt understand, I was pretty much in the pit of depression. I had had to leave my job and everything was really quite crap. Luckily I had Amy for support as without her I would have actually had nothing to be happy about. Then enter Gizmo. This little fur all who needed me, we used to wake up several times during the night to go pee, used to enjoy long walks through London and would often go and meet mummy Amy from work, which at the time was at the Tower if London. This little pooch gave me the final push to get my life back in order, get a job and get sorted once more.
We had drama with a flat we were renting at one point, where the landlord threatened to kill us and we had to move out FAST, leaving most of our. Things behind. We went to stay with Amy’s grandmother, but she said no to Gizmo. Luckily a friend of ours took him for a while, but he soon started fighting with her dog, meaning he had to go and stay with another friend. Sadly, the second friend’s mum was owner to two very expensive pedigree cats. Gizmo, being a Jack Russell, automatically saw them as things to chase. He soon got his eviction notice. We couldn’t find anywhere for him to stay, so we were facing losing him. I was utterly devastated beyond belief, until Amy’s grandmother kindly agreed to let him come and stay on a trial basis. Thankfully he was good as gold and stayed with us until we moved back in to our own place. It’s like he knew he had to be good.

Once we had been in our new place a couple of months, we decided it was time for Gizmo to have a new friend, I had grown up with a border collie, so I wanted one of our own. We came across Misty on a preloved type site. On further investigation we discovered that the lady who was getting rid of Misty had bought her as a present for her severely autistic child. Needless to say border collie puppy + autistic child + mother with mobility problems = stress. Lots of stress. They had had her for four days before they decided she had to go, so we snapped her up fast.

At first Gizmo did NOT like her at all, but we stuck with it and now they are the very best of friends. I really don’t now where I would be without my dogs. Yes, they restrict us, yes they can be loud and annoying and smelly. Yes, they poo. But I wouldn’t change them for the world. They’re part of my family, and I can’t wait for us to have a baby to add to our brood!


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  1. Jen says:

    Good luck with your journey!

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