Twice The Fun!

Welcome to our new home! I much prefer to tidyness of the place here on WordPress – and the stretchy pictures through blogger were really starting to annoy me. Anyway, get comfy, pull up a beanbag. Welcome to our new home!

After getting my period this month, we decided that from this cycle now, both Amy and I are going to try. We spoke to superhero donor about this and he’s fine about it – which is fantastic! So, twice the fun!

The first question a lot of people have asked is “what if you both get pregnant?” which is why we have never done this before. We discussed this, and with over twelve cycles of me trying to conceive behind us, it’s unlikely that we would both catch at the same time. But if we did, so what? People have twins and triplets, right? So it would be like we were having awesome twins that weren’t twins! In all seriousness, it wouldn’t be ideal for us both to be pregnant together BUT if that is the way it turns out then I would certainly accept that blessing! It certainly would not be a bad thing at all.

So, wish us luck!

Also, please update bookmarks and such as this is where the blog will be staying.

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1 Response to Twice The Fun!

  1. I am trying to transfer to WOrdpress too! I love the space like you! But when I imported all my old post some locked ones are not locked here so I have to go back to years and years of blogs to locke the ones that I need to.

    Good luck with the TTC phase. I dont know the back story so I need to go back to your post but you are right if you do both pregnant then the better =)


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