9DPO – Droopy Temp

After all the testing drama yesterday, my temperature took a rather disappointing dip this morning.

Consequently, I feel like my period will show up tomorrow as planned. I also have my normal pre period headache.
Although many of the “symptoms” I have had over the last week or so are still present, I am not the most hopeful today. So, I am writing this post today as i will no doubt be gutted tomorrow when the cycle comes to a painful and bloody end – lush! The evening will be saved thankfully by babysitting my favourite girlies, so that’s something to look forward to at least.
There are a few things I can take from this cycle as positives for the coming cycles.
1) Superhero Donor
We finally found a reliable, gentlemanly donor who gets as hopeful about the process as we do. He donated to us last minute this cycle and offered to donate in the future if unsuccessful, and we will definitely be taking him up on this. 
2) Steady Temps
My temperatures were nice and steady this cycle, and went higher than they have ever been after ovulation, which helps me confirm that I am ovulating. I’m still considering seeing the dr as my luteal lhase is still rather short, and I worry about that, but it won’t be for a while yet. I didn’t take anything other than prenatals this month so it’s nice to see my temps so steady all by themselves.

3) Symptom Logging
By writing down the symptoms I have and logging them here, I get to know what is normal for me and it means I won’t freak out so much every month. I will know what has happened before and know what is new.

So, there’s my positives from this cycle. I have a feeling it will come to an end tomorrow, and although that sucks, a new cycle means a new chance at making our forever baby. This time we’re not giving up until it happens for us.

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