8dpo – Temp Rise! And More Symptom Spotting

I was pretty surprised this morning for my temp to SHOOT up! And this was with taking it an hour earlier than normal! It makes me  quietly hopeful. Here’s my chart, and then here’s it overlayed with previous charts – this month is green. As you can see it’s really unusual for me to have a rise like that at 8dpo

Excuse the slightly hilarious iPhone screenshotting!
Here’s the “symptoms” thus far…
1dpo – cramping
2dpo – cramping, tingly nipples, nausea, hungry, peeing a lot, streak of brown when wiping ?ovulation bleeding?
3dpo – same
4dpo – all of the above plus sore nipples, worsening AF type cramps and constipation
5dpo – CRAMPS! Woke up with them. Painful enough to feel like first day of AF. Nausea. “Bubbly” feeling but not much CM on outside. Sore nipples. Seem to be repulsed by smells that normally I wouldn’t even notice. OH says I felt like a radiator in bed last night
6dpo – EWCM, more cramping. Nipples feel like they are bruised and have new white spots around them. Nauseated and incredibly hot to touch – not running a fever and don’t feel unwell aside from the nausea. Temp dropped a little but is still high for me. Hungry, gassy, heartburn (but then I’ve had a smoothie this morning and heartburn does sometimes happen post smoothie for me). Was freezing and shivering when I went to bed.
7dpo – another temp drop. Slightly less cm. Cramps are back with a force, all across the bottom of my tummy and down the tops of my legs. Feel hot to touch still despite being so cold last night. Still no fever. Runny nose. Blew my nose and there was blood on the tissue. More nausea – almost threw up my smoothie this morning – and loose stools. Sore nipples.boobs are still not sore
8dpo – Temp rise

I’m probably going to test on Sunday, which will be the day after my period is due. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fingers and toes crossed for you!

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