2DPO – Crazy Lady Symptom Spotting – You Cray Cray!

2dpo. I love to symptom spot. I figure I will do it whether or not I am pregnant or will be pregnant, so may as well give in to it!  Here’s some super fun ” far too early to mean anything” symptom spotting…

Creamy cm – lots of it
Keep having stomach pain that is like that ” you’re going to crap your pants NOW” pain. Run to the loo and nothing. Not even the courtesy of a fart
Peeing a lot, but also have been drinking more as I always do on night shifts
Pinching and jabbing lower abdo pain
Period type cramps. These woke me up. Rude!
Tingly boobies
Tired… But then I have been on nights so that is pretty normal
Nausea. Acid burps. Keep almost yacking on suit wankers on the train

Just one more high temp on the chart to confirm ovulation for the day after our donation!

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