You Know You’re Trying To Conceive When…

I was having a chat with some forum buddies a few days ago about things ladies who are trying for a baby do that are just generally unnacceptable in normal conversations. It turned into quite an amusing conversation, so I figured I would share with you all 🙂

You know you’re trying to concieve when…
Peeing on your hand is not a big deal – we’ve all done it. Got a little bit of wee on our hand whilst doing an opk or pregnancy test. Whereas once upon a time this would have had us recoiling in horror, it now elicits just a sigh and a trip to the wash basin,
You’ve worked out the best way to pee on sticks at work – Mustn’t miss that elusive positive ovulation test! I know I certainly have been known to pee on a stick or two in a work toilet. It’s a bit embarrassing sitting a round waiting for it to develop, but hey. Needs must!
You live your months by cycle day instead of date – I do this fairly regularly.  I make land around possible ovulation days and try to keep the day itself free. I know when not to arrange to go swimming as AF will likely be here, and I know roughly when I will out on a crapload of we it because she is coming! Plus, I tend to overfill the two week wait with plenty of activity to make the time go by!
You’re aware of your cervical mucus – This is one of the things I wish I didn’t have to know about my body. Mucus is gross. It gets more gross around ovulation, when you’re expected to have plenty of sex, and then goes back to slightly less gross afterwards. Yuck.
You talk about your cervical mucus – I have been known to send Amy pictures of said mucus. When you’re ttrying for a baby, fertile mucus is exciting. Although I’m not one of those people who posts pictures of their mucus on a forum, I certainly am one to discuss what is going on down there. Luckily not with those outside my trying to concieve forums!
You’re amazed by your body – who knew there were so many ways to tell when you are fertile? And who knew your cervix has a mind of its own?
You have googled any symptom with “bfp” or “pregnant” after it – we’ve all done it. The two weeks sit makes us crazy! Although I quickly realised that you can google anything at all and someone will say they got pregnant with this “symptom”. Bird shit on your shoulder? Pregnant! I once saw a lady on a forum asking if seeing more ladybirds (ladybugs to my US readers) is a sign of pregnancy. What can I say? The two week wait makes us a bit nuts.
You are envious of bump carrying folk – you can’t wait for the day when it is you hauling around a giant bump, sighing in the line at the store or desperately hoping for a seat on the bus. One Born Every Minute on the television provokes joy and sadness at the same time,
You look at baby things – apparently women who aren’t trying for a baby don’t mope over baby things? Apparently they don’t have a drawer in their house with a couple of little tiny things in it? Who knew! Seriously, though. I enjoy looking at baby things as it keeps it real for me that one day we will have someone to wear them and use them. We bought our first baby thing in April 2012. It’s a little Thumper blanket. We still have it and I know no matter how long it takes, it will be amazing the first time we give that to our baby.
You google possible due dates – every time a two week wait happens you google things. For me, it’s due dates, star signs and the Chinese gender calculator. Here’s an example. If we conceived this month our baby would be due on January 14th 2015, making them a Capricorn. The Chinese gender calculator predicts a girl.
Anyhow, this is just a selection. Send me some of the silly things you all do when trying for a baby!
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2 Responses to You Know You’re Trying To Conceive When…

  1. Anonymous says:

    “You live your months by cycle day instead of date.”

    And you know your LMP like you know your birthday! I went in for a physical and the nurse asked for an estimate of my last period date; she was a little surprised when I told her the exact date. I just said, “I can not only tell you that, but a whole lot more about every cycle for the past six months…”

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