REVIEW – Melcalfe’s Skinny Topcorn

I work for a local ambulance service in the control room, and nothing passes a twelve hour night shift like a bag of popcorn. One problem I did come to to see with this, is that most popcorn is very high in sugar, fat and calories (those little fairies that hide in the closet and see your clothes a bit tighter at night). Lots of calories and sitting tied to a phone ends in one fat dispatcher. But how could I possibly stop? What would fix my popcorn addiction? What else would keep our office occupied in the twilight hours? What else could satisfy the demands of the hand that reaches for snacks at 3am?

I took a trip to the supermarket with the intention of digging out some kind of low calorie snack. Something that we can share across the desk but won’t have us growing extra tummies! Dried fruit, although healthy, doesn’t do it for everyone, neither do nuts or other healthy snacks. I took a wander down the snack aisle, wondering what would solve my snacking dilemma. 
And then,there in front of me, like a bright beacon of snacking joy sitting on the shelf, was my solution. Metcalfe’s skinny topcorn! Skinny? Popcorn? But popcorn makes you fat, doesn’t tit? Nope! Not in the case of Metcaflfe’s. The bag boats only 115 calories per serving, with approximately three and a bit servings per large bag. I swiped the brightly coloured bag off the shelf and headed for the tills, putting it in the cupboard for my next night shift.
The popcorn is packaged in a good quality, colourful packaging, but it looks healthy. It doesn’t look take e kind of greasy popcorn you would get in the cinema, even from the outside it looks like a superior popcorn.

When my next night shift rolled around, it got to about two in the morning and the snacking urges set in. “Popcorn?” I asked, pulling out the bag from my rucksack. I had picked up the sweet and salt flavour, and a couple of colleagues immediately objected to the idea of sweet and salt in the same bag. Not many did, though and we had soon munched our way through the bag.
The verdict? I love, love LOVE this popcorn. I had never sampled Metcalfe’s Skinny before and had worried that low calorie would mean a low quality taste and low enjoyment. But no. This popcorn was lovely. Perfectly sweet and salty,might a fresh taste that you often don’t find with shop bough popcorn. It got good reviews from my colleagues too, with many of them surprised that something so tasty could actually be good for us!
I ordered two of the variety boxes from the Metcalfe’s Skinny website yesterday, so I can’t wait for another night of popcorn sampling with my colleagues. All in all I found this product great value and very enjoyable. It does cost a little more than for example Tesco’s own brand of popcorn, but the difference in quality is immense!
Metcalfe’s Skimny Topcorn is available in many supermarkets and coffee shops. I buy mine in Tesco, but I often find that Waitrose have a better selection. It is also available on the Metcalfe’s Skinny website along with their other products, including rice cakes and other healthy snacks – which I am yet to try. You can also follow them on twitter @metcalfesskinny

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