REVIEW – Clipper After Dinner Mints Infusion

In the spirit of the weight loss and making my body healthier for baby, I decided to invest in a good peppermint tea. Peppermint Tea is historically known for promoting calmness, but also helping with digestion, helping with bloating and stopping gas! With regards to trying to concieve, it has been known to help thicken the uterine lining and lower testosterone, which is particularly useful for those with PCOS (Polycycstic Ovary Syndrome). So, after perusing my supermarket shelves for a little while, I picked up Clipper Tea’s After Dinner Mints.

I was drawn to it by the bright, colourful packaging and the fact that it was not just a straight up peppermint tea. The blurb for the tea states
“After Dinner Mints, a naturally sweet blend of double mint and spicy fennel and ginger, which is perfect post-pudding!”

My reaction was something along the lines of “ooooh ginger!”. As someone who has been drinking just plain old peppermint tea since the beginning of time, I was looking forward to trying something a little different.

When I got the tea home I pulled my favourite tea drinking mug out of the cupboard and opened up the box. The tea bags come in cute little envelopes, perfect for popping them into your lunchbox or bag for work, or for keeping with you out and about for when you need that tea fix. I brewed in boiling hot water for three minutes. The recommended is two to five minutes, but three was just about strong enough for me! The tea came out a pretty standard “peppermint tea” green colour. The smell was pure mint – very refreshing!

On first taste I realised I had met my peppermint tea match. The blend is just perfect, mixing the mintyness of the peppermint with the spice of the ginger and fennel, plus it made my post lunch bloating feel a lot more comfortable! The infusion was just the right strength for me and didn’t require any further sweetening. I drank it hot, but I would imagine this tea would be just as lovely with iced water – maybe something to try in the summer,

Clipper teas are a UK brand and are made with pure, natural ingredients in lovely Dorset. I also love that they are fair trade, so by drinking these teas not only are you getting a high quality product and a lovely brew, but you’re also doing a bit of good for the world. The company produce many different teas, from white tea and everyday team right through to green tea, infusions and even hot chocolate! Their products are available nationwide in supermarkets. I picked up this particular box at my local Tesco Extra for £1.99 but they are available in all kinds of stores! You can look up your closest on the Clipper Teas website.

Anyhow, you can visit the Clipper Teas website here —>
Or follow them on Twitter @clipperteas

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