Waiting for Ovulation…

Sometimes I don’t know what is worse, the waiting to ovulate or the waiting to test/get your period. Last time I took soy isoflavones I got a positive opk on cd17 and ovulated cd18. I am currently cd17 and the OPKs are teasingly dark and mysterious, but not positive. Being the POAS (pee on a stick) addict that I am, I have taken around five today and all have been negative.

See! Almost there! But not quite! I might have been tempted to inseminate on the strength of this one, but if know I always get super positive OPKs when I am about to ovulate, so I’m holding out for a true positive.
Meanwhile it is ovulation pain galore! I had a little look online and a lot of women say they have ovulation pain up to a week before ovulating, so that kind of quelled my feeling of “did I miss it?” It’s a shame we can’t schedule things with our bodies as I am off work for the next two days, so either of those days would be incredibly convenient before kicking back in to the twelve hour shifts.
Anyhow, I’ll update as soon as the magical positive OPK shows up! Donor is on standby so fingers crossed we will actually get to try this month!

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