Sharing Happiness

My Two Mums Sharing Happiness

What makes me happy? Supporty makes me happy. Family makes me happy. Friends make me happy. Having a lovely donor who has agreed to donate part of himself to allow us to create our family makes me happy.

 I think when times are hard, as they have been over the past few months, it is so easy to drift of into a sea of self pity and think that everything is crap and nothing will ever feel right again. I know when we were trying for a baby in 2012, that was how it felt every time my period showed up. The frustration of wondering if it will EVER happen. Will we ever have our baby? Now I realise things that I didn’t before.

 I have a wonderful family unit, a wonderful wife, a lovely house and a job that i adore most of the time. When we get our baby things will be that much better, but life is good in the meantime. we Just have to be patient. Hopefully our patience will be rewarded sometime!

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