REVIEW – English Tea Shop "Slim Me" Tea Bags

As part of our trying to concieve journey, both. Amy and I have started on trying to lose weight. There has been no “diet” involved thus far – we are just making more healthy choices. Consequently, I’m always on the look out for products that are both healthy and enjoyable.

Whilst browsing the tea aisle in my local Tesco Extra, I noticed a tea I had not seen before, I was first drawn to it by the bright, colourful packaging and, on a closer look, the “Alice in Wonderland”-esque design made me pick the box up for a closer look. The tea is English Tea Shop’s “Slim Me” Tea and if the packaging wasn’t enough to make me put it in my basket, the description clinched the deal.
Invigorating organic Green tea, known for its slimming properties; Ginseng and Acai berry are gently spiced with organic Ginger and Cinnamon to bring you this lovely healthy infusion. This can be consumed as a part of  a calorie controlled healthy diet to aid in reaching your mini-me goals.”

I have tried many a “slimming tea” in the last few years and they always tend to contain the same kind of ingredients. Unusually I would expect fennel, dandelion and peppermint as base ingredients, so seeing the difference in this tea made it a sure thing for me. After all, with cinnamon and ginseng you can’t go wrong in my opinion!
So, once I got the tea home I took out one of the cute little tea enveloped and boiled the kettle. The recommended brewing time for this tea is three to five minutes, but as I usually enjoy a weaker tea, I brewed for just over three minutes, turning the water a fetching green colour. I had this tea with my lunch, as if will often have a hot drink with food to aid digestion.
On first sniff, I thought the tea reminded me of a chai type blend, but obviously without the black tea which means less caffeine! Also, cinnamon can be helpful when trying to concieve, so I really hoped this tea would live up to the description. It definitely did! On first sip I was surprised by how refreshing this blend is. The green tea gives it a lovely, full bodied taste even at the minimum brew time and the cinnamon, acai and ginseng mix together to form the loveliest kick of spice. The taste is not overpowering, but wasn’t a weak taste either. The box does recommend that you can sweeten to taste, but I chose not to for a first taste and I stand by that decision. I don’t feel like this tea needs anything more – it is lovely just the way it is,
Between the fantastic taste, the health properties and the cute yet luxurious packaging, I think this tea is a wonderful addition to any tea collection. My kitchen is filled with teas of different types and brands, and I hope to add more teas from the English Tea Shop to my collection shortly. Hopefully the health benefits are as good as the taste! Plus, the cute little tea envelopes are just perfect to go in bags or lunch boxes. I certainly will be taking a few to work with me.
I bought this tea in my local Tesco Extra for the bargain price of £1.99. It is available online through the Emglish Tea Shop’s website at

A Note To Readers

for all those searching “will English Tea Shop Slim Me Tea Make Me Lose Weight” no. No it won’t. It will aid in weight loss, but it will not make you lose weight on your own. The best and most effective way to lose weight is through diet and exercise. This tea is more about aiding digestion and helping to stop hunger pangs. There is no quick weight loss fix out there. There really isn’t. So, work hard at exercise and healthy eating and you will soon reach your goals.



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5 Responses to REVIEW – English Tea Shop "Slim Me" Tea Bags

  1. Kaja Knight says:

    That packaging is too cute! One question though, I don't like the bitter tast in green tea. Does the cinimun and aki cover that up well?

  2. It's not bitter at all Hun. It has a lovely sweet, spicy taste. I'm already nearly out of it!

  3. The Marmite says:

    Hi did this help at all with weightless as it suggests.

  4. I haven't found that it helps with weight loss itself, but it has helped with feeling bloated and hunger pangs. So inadvertently yeah it does. I will often have this tea instead of a snack or after a big meal.

  5. Reblogged this on "Love Yourself First Everyday…It's not just a statement, it's a Lyfestyle!"-BiancaLynnette and commented:
    Ok so I’m not normally a tea person, unless of course its super sweet tea (Lord knows I love that! Lol) However, my mother in law had this attractive box of tea and I felt so lead to try it! Needless to say this tea was some kind of good, even without sugar! Now that was major for me! Very seldom do you find a healthy tea that taste good. Well when I looked it up and realized it aids in weight loss…that was definitely the icing on the cake! (sugar free cake of course lol) Anywho, I just want to say this tea is awesome and if you’re looking for a tasty healthy slim tea, I would recommend you try English Tea Shop Slim Me Tea!

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