Reflecting on 26

This week I turned the grand old age of twenty six years old. It’s been a big couple of weeks for me, so I thought if have a chat about it here whilst in the pre ovulation limbo land.

The week before my birthday I passed an important assessment at work. I was supposed to do this assessment a year ago, but with all the things that happened with our previous donor I delayed it due to depression. I thoroughly believed that I wouldn’t have passed had I done the assessment on the original date. A few weeks ago I decided I needed to get it over and done with and booked my assessment, only to spend the following weeks thoroughly freaking out about it! I needn’t have. When the assessment came around I passed with flying colours. The assessor was very complimentary of my work and how I had done so far in my two and a bit years in the job. So, now I get a pay rise and a shiny “2” on my epalette uinstead of a “1”.
Not a massive achievement for most, but for me it was a reminder of all I have overcome in the last year. I have gone from a very dark place, where I found my emotions difficult to deal with, to a place where I feel a lot more ok. Most importantly, though, I’m taking control of my life once more. Nothing is going to stop me achieving the things I want to, and passing this assessment was just another step in the right direction too.
Three days before my birthday, two of my best friends welcomed their second daughter into the world. I adore their little girl and in fact it was her who made us start trying again. I want that relationship that they have with their child. Now they have a second little munchkin! We are headed over to see her tomorrow – I cannot wait for baby cuddles! Although – top secret – I’m super nervous because I’ve never actually held a newborn before now! But I’m sure if their nearly three year old can manage then I will too!
My birthday was fairly uneventful. Amy worked in the morning and then in the afternoon we went for a wander in London and had dinner. It was all standard fare and I had a lovely day.
With regards to trying to concieve this month, I have two more doses of soy isoflavones to take and then we wait for ovulation. Fingers crossed for a nice strong ovulation this month! In a text conversation with my aunt earlier, I asked her if she knew if mum and dad had any fertility issues. Her reply? “Well, they had three kids in four years. What do you think?” Helpful… Logistically I don’t think my mum did as she got pregnant with me very soon after her and my dad were married, then had my two sisters in the years after. All with my dad in the army and being deployed all over the place. I have an aunt and uncle who don’t have children and one who only has one child, but I don’t know if that is through choice as everyone else on my mum’s side has a few children each. Then on dad’s side there are lots of children, with my dad being one of five and my grandmother being one of fourteen! 
We worked out if we conceived this month, the baby would be due pretty much on what would have been my mum’s fiftieth birthday. She would have loved that. 

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1 Response to Reflecting on 26

  1. Kaja Knight says:

    Congratulations on passing your assesment!
    That will be so awesome if you consieve this cycle so your due date will be close to or on your Mum's birthday.

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