Soy dreams

I took my second dose of soy isoflavones last night and realised this morning that I had forgotten one of the side effects of it. Soy gives me WACKY dreams!

Here’s my gem from last night…
I dreamt I met one of my favourite broadway people. Then we were making a chicken roast dinner… In a car… Using a microwave. And we had to find a code for the microwave and I was googling it but she wanted it to be in the instruction manual. She was also doing a one woman show in London and couldn’t get us tickets, and she was talking to the theatre manager like “what do you mean I can’t get tickets?! I am the show!”
I also saw a street called “Elliot Tree” and was trying to take a picture for a friend as her little one is Elliot, but every time we passed it there were loads of people having their picture taken with it and I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t take a picture of just the sign. My parents were also in the front of the car telling us to hurry up with the chicken,..

Yup… Soy!

Started temping again this morning. You can click the dog at the top of the page and it will take you to my chart. Sometimes my temp is so low I am pretty sure I must be dead! But I figure it must be because I temp so early in the morning – 430am to be precise. 
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