Cycle Day One!

And so we are back at the beginning. Cycle day one. My period arrived this morning in full force, with dreadful cramps. I had kind of hoped that my luteal phase would have a been a little linger, but as we have only been taking the vitamins for a month I would have been surprised if they kicked right in. So, maybe next month it will be a little longer. 

I’ve done a bit of googling and found that some people do concieve with a 9/10 day luteal phase, so for now we are just chugging along and will give it a few months before getting a doctor to look into it.
What I noticed the vitamins DID do this cycle was regulate my temps nicely. In the pic below you can see my chart from last cycle and then the last one from when we tried in October 2012. I like that this month’s chart is a lot steadier and it is much easier to see when ovulation happened.
This cycle I am also going to try soy isoflavones. If you have been a long time reader, you will remember that I tried them twice before. The first time, I ovulated earlier and my temps were a lot higher, but my donor hadn’t told us he was going out of town so the only donation I had was seven days before I ovulated, leaving our chances very low. The following month I took the highest dose of soy and ended up with a 60 day anovulatory cycle. Soy works a lot like clomid, so what we have decided is as follows – I will take it days three to seven at a dose of 120, 120, 120, 160, 200. My tablets are 40mg so I have to take them in 40mg increments.
So, let’s see how this month goes. We have things sorted with out donor and hopefully this month will be plain sailing and we won’t get knocked out before the face starts.
Cycle 1 – January – Stats
Cycle length – 35 days
First +opk – cd24
Ovulation – cd26
Donation – none 
Luteal phase – 9/10 days 

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