Beautiful OPK and no donor

You would think with this beautiful opk yesterday that we were in with a good chance this month.

But sadly not as out donor turned out to be unavailable. Not just yesterday, but for the whole week ahead. To say we are gutted is an understatement, but it is ok. Between both us and the donor being humans, sometimes scheduling conflicts are bound to crop up. Nonetheless, we are having a look around for an alternative donor who may not have so many commitments. It’s a shame, as this guy is a lovely guy. But hey… When you only get two days a month in which to try its important that a donor is available.

So, what about us? We’re taking the month off of course. I couldn’t possibly be the person that goes on a forum and demands a donor for “NOW!” After past experiences we take time to get to know potential donors these days. So a month of charting, continuing to take my vitamins and continuing with the weight loss. A healthier Laura means more chance of a baby, so we’ll take the extra month as a blessing and move on with it.
This morning’s opk

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1 Response to Beautiful OPK and no donor

  1. Karen says:

    Great looking OPK!
    I hate when it's s promising month and the donor isn't available!!

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