Get Pregnant or Go To Disneyworld – What a choice!

My name is Laura and I am 26 in Feb. My DP is Amy who is 28. We are TTC our first baby with the help of a known donor. We will be trying using artificial insemination. To protect privacy, I will be referring to our donor as “Mr Sperm”.

I tried for almost a year from February to November 2012 with a different donor, who there are ongoing issues with. Amy then tried for one month last October with the donor we will be trying with this time.

After a long talk we decided I will continue to try. I have previously had a PCOS diagnosis and was put on metformin, so will be going back on that next week. I have long cycles that tend to be fairly irregular, so we figured as only one of us will be able to get fertility help (IUI, IVF) on the NHS then we should go for it with the one who has a fertility problem and is more likely to need it. Also, Amy said carrying is not as important to her as it is to me, so I will go first.

I will be using OPKs and charting my body signs, but not temping straight away as I find it very stressful. I may temp if it takes a few months, which I assume it will.

Our journal title comes from our Disneyworld holiday, which we have had booked since June 2013. We worried about what we would do if I got pregnant and we couldn’t go, which is one of the reasons why we were waiting to try again. Once we talked about it, we decided that so what if we couldn’t go. We have paid a £100 deposit, so cancelling would only cost us that £100. Our plan is to save up the rest of the money rather than paying it in installments and then pay it when it is due ten weeks before the holiday. It’s almost like a bargaining tool. If we get pregnant and I would be too pregnant to go, we can’t go but we do get a baby. If we get pregnant less than six months before we go, we will go to Disneyworld AND have a baby after, but if we don’t get pregnant we still have Disney to look forward to.

So, here’s hoping in November we will either be home and preparing for the arrival of our little nugget, or we will be jetting off to the sunshine state with a little one cooking. OR we will be on our way for two magical weeks of thrills and spills 🙂

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